Mikel Nelson's IGS Santa Cruz 1 - August 1999

International Guitar Seminars

Pictures Courtesy of Paul Schultz

Faculty Concert Pictures

Mikel Bob Paul

#1 Mikel Nelson, Bob Brozman, Paul Schultz
Last Day - Amazingly Awake after the 3:30 jam session

Cruz Students

#2 Dave Mitchell, Mikel Nelson, aaa?
Thursday Night - glad to be done with the student concerts

Colorado Gang

#3 Paul Schultz, Mary Flower, Mikel Nelson
The Colorado Contigent

John Bob ColoBoys

#4 Mikel Nelson, Bob Brozman, Paul Schultz, John Cephas
More Pictures in the Dorm Courtyard

IGS Cruz Central

#5 IGS Central
Participants Discuss the Week (and the food)
In Back: bbb?, Jon Nixon, David Strain, ddd?, Dan Mills, fff?, ggg?
In front: Steve Pierson, iii?

John Bob

#6 Bob Brozman, John Cephas
Looking Mighty Serious
Orville, Hambone, Kay-Uwe Graw and Mary in the background

Armond Dave

#7 Armond Akillian, Dave Mitchell

Dave in Tree

#8 David Demonstating what it takes to play a National
(Paul's Style N - In the garden)

John Bob Dave

#9 Bob Brozman, David Strain, John Cephas

Hambone Jam

#10 Hambone Jamming out
Looks like Mary's hand/guitar to the left
Who's vintage Dobro is in the Background?

John Bob Hambone

#11 Bob Brozman, John "Hambone" Hasbrouck, John Cephas

 Lefty Brozman

#12 Bob in full discovery mode
developing sympathy for his students by playing left handed
on Hambone's Vintage Single Cone
Short mpeg of this


#13 Orville Johnson
In the Office/Store


#14 Rick Bockner

Woody Jam

#15 Woody Mann Jamming out with Mary Flower
Armond Akillian, Jim Dwyer, Ulrich Bartmus Observe

Woody PM Class

#16 Woody's Afternoon Class
in the garden

Cruz Jam

#17 Thursday Night Jam
From Left: kkk?, Orville, lll?, Mary, Bob, Tony Nassar, Ulrich, Bruce Lamb
Orville giving Dobro knowledge
Bob, Tony, and I discuss a rattle on my tricone that Tony is holding
Mary...exhibits the correct Jam philosphy

Kay-Uwe Graw's pictures

More Kay-Uwe Graw's pictures

Kyle Haynes' pictures


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